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​Fighting the Global Stray Dogs Problem Together

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An estimated 600 million dogs live on the streets worldwide without access to veterinary care. Many of these dogs die early from diseases or malnutrition or are even killed inhumanely. On the other hand they pose hazards to human. Over 50,000 human deaths are reported from rabies each year.

Even in Kathmandu alone there are over 30,000 stray dogs, suggests a report back in 2006. And hundred of people, especially children, die every year from rabies with dog bites.

Help stray dogs with Nourish Our Karma = Your Karma Campaign

At Nourish, we not only love pets, but also aim to eradicate the stray dogs problem globally. We are doing this through “Our Karma = Your Karma” campaign. With this campaign, we provide meals, medical support and shelter to homeless dogs.

By buying Nourish, you not only get the best products to your pet dogs, but also support better life for the homeless dogs.

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