Nourish himalayan dog protein supplement
Nourish natural dogs protein supplement

Natural Himalayan Protein Supplement (4oz Pack)


Delicious, high protein Himalayan Supplement is inspired by an ancient Himalayan recipe made with yak and cow milk. The supplement is completely natural and is preserved only with lime juice and salt. Nothing artificial, and no grains or gluten.  A perfect product to enhance the flavor as well as the protein content of your dog’s meal.

Recommended for all dog sizes.

Serving directions:  Feed directly or add to your dog’s meal

Serving size:

Under 20lb dog – 1 teaspoon
20 – 50lb dog   – 2 teaspoons
Over 50lb dog  – 3 teaspoons

Ingredients: Yak & Cow Milk, Lime Juice, Salt

Nutritional content:

Crude Protein: 65.5%
Moisture         : 13.9%
Crude Fat       :   1.0%
Ash max         :   6.7%

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4oz / 113g


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