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Long-lasting chews that can keep your dog from destroying the house

By May 28, 2017 Dog Food No Comments

Destructive behavior in dogs can be the result of boredom, separation anxiety, or even a stressful event. This behavior can range anywhere from chewing the carpet to damaging windowsills, and in some cases, even self-inflicted wounds from excessive chewing of the legs and paws. Giving your dog long-lasting chews can help alleviate this harmful behavior and keep your dog from destroying the home you both share.

Long-lasting chews, such as Natural Himalayan Dog Chews, can help redirect your dog’s attention during times of anxiety or boredom. By giving your dog a chew right before you leave for work, or during a stressful event such as a thunderstorm, you can teach your dog to associate these circumstances with a positive reward. At the same time, this enables you to provide your dog with a safe, healthy alternative, as opposed to the living room sofa.

In order to redirect destructive behavior, it is essential to supply your dog with a type of chew that is certain to last for hours. Natural Himalayan Dog Chews are durable, highly digestible, and their hard outer texture makes them unlikely to splinter. They are also low in fat, which makes them ideal for incorporating them into your dog’s regular diet.

Many dog chews on the market today are made from the remains of cattle and other livestock.  They are also short-lasting, high in fat, and contain artificial flavors and preservatives.  Some chews even pose the risk of becoming a choking hazard or causing an intestinal blockage. Natural Himalayan Dog Chews are all-natural and preserved only by lime juice and salt. Made of yak and cow milk, they are also grain-free, gluten-free, and contain no artificial flavors.

Providing your dog with natural, long-lasting chews can help alleviate destructive behavior and keep your dog both safe and healthy during those potentially stressful events or times of boredom.

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