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Natural himalayan nugget treats for puppies

Treat for puppies

Finding appropriate treats for puppies can be a challenge. The urge to chew comes as a natural instinct for dogs; however, this behavior becomes essential for a puppy that is teething. Just like human babies, puppies can experience tender, swollen gums and frequent soreness as their permanent teeth begin to emerge. Providing your puppy with soft, chewy treats can help alleviate some of this discomfort.  

Natural Himalayan Nuggets are delicious and packed with protein, which puppies need for healthy growth and development. They are also highly digestible and preserved only by lime juice and salt.  During the teething process, puppies are notorious for chewing almost anything and everything they can get their mouths on, including human hands! Therefore, it is important to provide your puppy with appropriate alternatives.

After placing a natural himalayan nugget in the microwave, each treat develops a soft, chewy consistency that can help soothe a teething puppy’s sore gums. It is recommended that puppies be given chewy, yet soft treats, since any remaining baby teeth are still brittle and can easily break against hard surfaces.

In addition to their irresistible flavor, Natural Himalayan Nugget treats are cut into small square shapes which make them a suitable size for training purposes. Since obedience training is a vital part of a puppy’s growth and development, providing your puppy with natural treats can help maintain a healthy diet. Giving treats too often can lead to obesity and a lack of  balanced nutrition, so it is important to stay within a reasonable limit and use treats as a special reward while training.

Overall, giving your puppy daily treats can enhance the bonding experience and serve as an excellent tool for getting your puppy off to a great start both behaviorally and health-wise!

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