Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Himalayan product line?

The Himalayan product line is made of organic Yak and cow milk, lime and salt. It is a traditional age old recipe that is enjoyed by the people in the Himalayas. The enriching flavor, unique texture and nutrition content of the product make them a perfect treat for dogs. In the local language, it is commonly referred by its Tibetan name as “Chhurpi”.

Brief history of the product

Himalayan chews, nuggets and protein supplement are all made from Yak and Cow milk. The cheese is produced during the short summer periods in when milk is in abundance. Due to lack of storage facilities for excessive milk, the farmers used a simple recipe to make hard cheese in order to conserve its nutrient properties for consumption in harsh winters.

Details of how the Himalayan product line is made

  • Combination of Yak and Cow milk is boiled and poured into a manual churning barrel for the extraction of prevalent fat
  • The coagulated mixture is then poured through a sieve so that the lactose from the milk is sieved out in the form of water and the solid content is separated to make the cheese
  • The solid material is then transferred into a burlap sack to drain out any excess water content before kneading the cheese to ensure the substance is finely blended
  • The cheese is then cut into different sizes and shapes and then smoked to achieve the right flavor, texture and hardness
  • Each and every chew is handmade which is why it’s natural for each piece to vary slightly in terms of color and sizes.

What size chew is best for my dog?

These are the recommended sizes, however moving up a size is not a problem if your dog prefers bigger treats:

Small chews are for dogs under 20 pounds
Medium chews are for dogs between 20-50 pounds
Large chews are for dogs above 50 pounds

How do I feed the Nourish Himalayan Yak nuggets?

Nugget is a treat for all dog sizes. Simply pop the nugget in the microwave for about 40-60 seconds and let it cool before letting your dog enjoy it.

How do I feed the Nourish Himalayan Yak seasoning?

Mix the Nourish seasoning with your dog’s meal to enhance the taste of the meal and provide a protein boost for your dog.

Is cheese fattening for the dogs?

The fat content of Nourish Himalayan Chews is less than 1%. All the fat is removed in its initial production stage of churning the milk.

Does the Himalayan product line contain lactose?

Nourish Himalayan products contain no lactose since it is completed removed during the production process.

However, please use discretion if your dog is not able to digest our products. We guarantee to offer you a full refund if you contact us with the issue.

What is the expiry date of the products?

The products can last a couple of years if stored appropriately. The product should not be exposed to moisture, which is why a small sachet of silica gel has been placed in each package.

If you notice mold formation as a result of moisture seepage, please discard the chews immediately.

Where do I store the chews?

You can keep the chew in any container when it is not in use as long as it is not exposed to moisture. Exposure to moisture can cause mold formation. We recommend letting it sun dry or pat dry before keeping it away for a long time.

Are the chews good for the dogs’ teeth?

As with any hard chews, please consider your dogs’ oral health before giving them chews.

What do I do with the small remaining pieces?

Please ensure supervision during the last part due to choking hazards. We recommend you microwave and pop the last part of the chew for about 40-60 seconds to make it softer. Let it then cool before feeding it to your dog.