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Selecting highly digestible chews for your dog

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Proper digestion is an important aspect of your dog’s health. Poor digestion can result in vomiting, diarrhea, recurrent gas, and even intestinal blockage. Therefore, it is essential to provide your dog with a well-balanced diet and chews that are highly digestible.

Many commercial brands of dog foods contain high amounts of protein derived from grain, soy, and corn. While these ingredients are not necessarily harmful to dogs, excessive amounts can result in poor nutrition. Some dogs have also been known to develop food allergies to certain types of grains such as wheat and barley.

Since dogs have a much shorter digestive tract than herbivores and omnivores, their stomachs are designed to primarily digest meat.  Therefore, diets that are high in grain, soy, and corn could upset your dog’s stomach if given on a regular basis.

Natural Himalayan Dog Chews are grain, gluten, and soy-free and do not pose a threat to your dog’s gastrointestinal tract. Other chews on the market, such as rawhides and pigs ears, have been known to cause vomiting, diarrhea, pancreatitis, and intestinal blockages. This is primarily due to a higher fat content and excessive amounts of grease. 

Likewise, plastic chews have a tendency to become a choking hazard, as they can easily break off into smaller pieces and become lodged in your dog’s gastrointestinal tract. If small enough, these pieces can sometimes pass through your dog’s stool; however, larger pieces can become stuck and remain undigested in your dog’s intestines. At this point, exploratory surgery is often necessary in order to remove any remaining bits of plastic.  

In addition to regularly monitoring your dog’s eating habits, providing your dog with a well-balanced diet and highly digestible chews, such as Nourish Natural Himalayan Dog Chews, can ensure proper digestion and reduce the risk of stomach irritation and intestinal blockage.

Keep your dog healthy with low-calorie dog treats

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Obesity has become a leading health risk for dogs in the United States. Due to high-calorie diets, excessive feeding, and lack of exercise, millions of dogs suffer from illnesses associated with being overweight. Heart disease, diabetes, and joint pain are just a few common ailments that can occur with chronic obesity. Giving your dog appropriately portioned meals, daily exercise, and low-calorie dog treats can help prevent excess body fat and keep your dog at a healthy weight.  

Chronic obesity in dogs can lead to various life-threatening conditions. When a dog is significantly overweight, it puts additional strain on the joints and ligaments, which can then cause arthritis and limit your dog’s mobility. Obesity can also increase the risk of heart disease, diabetes, liver disease, high blood pressure, heat intolerance, respiratory distress, and cancer. This is mostly due to the excess body fat placing additional stress on major internal organs such as the heart and lungs.      

Giving your dog treats frequently can quickly lead to obesity; therefore, it is important to select a brand of treats that are low in calories. Many treats on the market today contain a high amount of fat and sugar, which can easily add extra calories to your dog’s regular diet. Natural Himalayan Nugget treats are all-natural and contain only 1% of crude fat. They are also highly digestible and consist of only four ingredients: yak milk, cow milk, lime juice, and salt.

Chronic obesity in dogs can cause various health issues and shorten the lifespan of your dog. While giving treats to your dog can enhance the bonding experience, it is very important to be conscious of how many treats you are giving your dog per day, as well as the calorie content. For in addition to regular exercise and portioned meals, giving your dog low-calorie treats can help your dog maintain a healthy weight.

Natural himalayan nugget treats for puppies

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Treat for puppies

Finding appropriate treats for puppies can be a challenge. The urge to chew comes as a natural instinct for dogs; however, this behavior becomes essential for a puppy that is teething. Just like human babies, puppies can experience tender, swollen gums and frequent soreness as their permanent teeth begin to emerge. Providing your puppy with soft, chewy treats can help alleviate some of this discomfort.  

Natural Himalayan Nuggets are delicious and packed with protein, which puppies need for healthy growth and development. They are also highly digestible and preserved only by lime juice and salt.  During the teething process, puppies are notorious for chewing almost anything and everything they can get their mouths on, including human hands! Therefore, it is important to provide your puppy with appropriate alternatives.

After placing a natural himalayan nugget in the microwave, each treat develops a soft, chewy consistency that can help soothe a teething puppy’s sore gums. It is recommended that puppies be given chewy, yet soft treats, since any remaining baby teeth are still brittle and can easily break against hard surfaces.

In addition to their irresistible flavor, Natural Himalayan Nugget treats are cut into small square shapes which make them a suitable size for training purposes. Since obedience training is a vital part of a puppy’s growth and development, providing your puppy with natural treats can help maintain a healthy diet. Giving treats too often can lead to obesity and a lack of  balanced nutrition, so it is important to stay within a reasonable limit and use treats as a special reward while training.

Overall, giving your puppy daily treats can enhance the bonding experience and serve as an excellent tool for getting your puppy off to a great start both behaviorally and health-wise!